Dress Rehearsal

You don’t always get a do-over. Occasionally, we are met with opportunities that provide just one shot to get it right. When such is the case, like in weddings or plays or fire alarms, we are prone to rehearse to ensure our performance is flawless.

Mark at dialysis with daughters Kelley & Emlyn on Halloween Night

Mark at dialysis with daughters Kelley & Emlyn on Halloween Night

Last week Mark got a call from MCG telling him to get to the hospital. A donor kidney and pancreas were available, and the #1 person on the list wasn’t eligible. HIPPA requirements kept the hospital from disclosing why #1 was not available and Mark was temporarily moved from the  #2 to #1 slot. Mark left work and rushed to the hospital. Lisa left work and rushed to the hospital. Robin picked up their children, Kelley & Emlyn from school. The mother-in-law called the church and friends to pray. Mark’s mum rushed to the hospital. At the hospital the doctor examined Mark, they drew blood and moved him to dialysis to remove as much fluid as possible from his body. We waited. More waiting. All was looking good and the excitement was starting to build. Lisa slipped out while Mark was in dialysis to get a change of clothes and some toiletries, anticipating a long stretch before she felt she would be able to slip away again. Stopping by the house, she cuddled with her girls and left to return to the hospital. Moments later the call comes: mission aborted. No go. The donor turned out to be a small female with organs too small for Mark and they would have likely failed in a couple years. Bummer. More HIPPA requirements left us not knowing whether another smaller recipient’s life was changed with a transplant that night.

Bummer, yes. But good call by the doctor. I’m thankful that he didn’t risk the transplant only to have trouble come to Mark down the road. The upside is that we got a practice round–a dress rehearsal–to prepare for a flawless performance when the real day comes. Everyone will know their job. We are still excited to be #2.

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