Why This Blog?

Reflecting on your life, I imagine that if you are like me you hold a few events in you memory that stand out beyond the others. In my early twenties I counted those as my wedding day, and the days when each of my two children were born.


It was difficult to imagine that there would be events as significant as those ever again. As I have aged, however, I find that the significant days are less about me and more about the people that I love.

My two daughters each married incredible, Godly men who are the perfect compliment to them. Lisa’s wedding to Mark and then Robin’s wedding to Brian were so special and added to the special days I hold dear.


Each daughter and son-in-law went on to have two children each. I was allowed the privilege of witnessing my grandchildren’s birth, and count those days as extraordinary, beyond what I could have ever imagined.


You see, as I have watched my children grow, I have been a voyeur of God’s paintbrush crafting them into beautiful young women.  Don’t tell them that it is still one of my greatest joys. When they were small and they would fight, I would tell them that they would never have a better best friend than their sister. They didn’t believe me, but now know it to be true. I love it when they call one another with news. And concerns.


Now I have the opportunity of watching them experience all these amazing moments as their children grow. It’s the circle of life that was sung about in the Lion King. Aren’t you just humming that tune now?

But, there have also been those events that stick in your mind as strongly as the beautiful ones, except they are filled with sadness. We have experienced the ravages of cancer in our parents and with Rob. We buried all four of our parents. Such events serve as a reminder of how very fragile life is.

This is my son-in-law Mark.


I love Mark so much. I probably first started loving him because he loved my daughter so well. He is still over-the-moon in love with her and is such a great husband and daddy. He is one of the most hard working people I know–with a work ethic beyond his years. I love my other son-in-law Brian, too. His kidneys and pancreas work fine, so he doesn’t get a blog right now. This blog is mostly about Mark.

  • Mark has been diabetic since he was four.
  • Almost fifteen years ago he got an insulin pump to help manage his blood sugar.
  • Almost fourteen years ago he married my daughter, Lisa. They have two children; Kelley & Emlyn.
  • A year ago last summer while getting pre-op testing for a routine surgical procedure, they found Mark was in kidney failure.
  • Last fall Mark started dialysis.
  • He goes to dialysis three nights a week.
  • Mark still works full-time as a manager at Sonic.
  • Now he is a candidate for a kidney & pancreas transplant.
  • I am the “Mother-in-Law”.

Mark has a great Mum, but she doesn’t enjoy much about computers. I do, so I’ll blog.

In this blog we’ll talk about Mark. And family. And friends. And God. And anything else that comes up. Thanks for stopping by.

~Leslie, The Mother-in-Law

6 responses to “Why This Blog?

  1. lesliedawson

    This is beautiful dear friend! Mark, Lisa, and the rest of the family will continue to be in my prayers! Love you, Leslie the elder

  2. Anna Johnson

    Love the first blog. Looking forward to many more
    Love you
    Anna Mae

  3. Johanne Jacobs

    Leslie another great work piece of your, you are amazing’! This si beautiful, Praying for Mark always. much love to Him and the family.

  4. Janet Cawley

    Mark is my nephew! So I have known him since the day he was born! We all love him dearly as you can imagine!he shares a love of everything ‘Star Wars’ with both of my sons(his cousins Matt & Scott).Living in England we only get to see him once a year but we cherish those trips over when we spend time with Mark,Lisa, Kelley & Emlyn! Mark holds a special place in our hearts and we hope that donor organs become available soon so that he can live life to the full again!sending lots of love and hugs across the pond! From Auntie Janet,Scott,Matt ,Deb ,Lewis & Hollie-x-

  5. Pepper Wooten

    Great Blog Leslie! You encouraged me to write, but it was you who should have been writing this whole time!

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