It’s Not Quite Over!

It’s not over until the last poinsettia is out of the door.

Sanderlin’s delivered the third truckload of poinsettias to my house Monday morning so we could deliver to businesses fresh from the greenhouse. I wish I had taken a picture of my dining room that day. And my living room. And my kitchen. They were all filled with poinsettias. Fortunately they were and are incredibly beautiful, so it wasn’t a bother. Except when the grandchildren went crawling between them. Apparently having poinsettias on the floor all around the dining room table makes it like a cool tent under the table. The grandkids love a tent.

Though I didn’t take pictures Monday, I did take some pictures on delivery day Saturday. Eddy from Sanderlin’s Greenhouse delivered two truckloads of poinsettias on Saturday. That’s Eddy on the left in the picture below.


I love their trailer. It is the same one that delivered pansies and bedding plants and ferns to Augusta Christian School when I taught there a few years back. I’m thinking the trailer may have hauled beverages in a previous life. I’m glad it hauls flowers now.


Mark was helping unload poinsettias. He doesn’t look like he’s in kidney failure. Unfortunately, he is. But, he can still load poinsettias and mug for the camera.markyP_poinsettiaday

It’s also pretty rare to get a picture of Mark with his mum. She was working hard in the cold on Saturday, too.


In fact, it was a family affair. Here’s a family pic I took a few minutes later. Kelley & Emlyn were a pretty big help, as well.


It was really neat that throughout the day there was a steady stream of people picking up poinsettias. We had an opportunity to visit and catch up with many friends. As they would leave, someone new would drop by. Words cannot express our gratitude for your generous support. I am so blessed by the love, prayers and financial help you have given my daughter and son-in-law. Thank you.

But Wait! There’s More!

Just about all of the original order of poinsettias have been picked up or delivered. As we have delivered them, many have asked if we can get more, so we’re gonna get us some more.

If you want us order one for you–let us know. You can call Lisa, Robin or the Mother-in-Law… Or, you can use the order form on this blog which you can access by clicking HERE. As long as the page is up, we are still taking orders. The orders go right to my e-mail in-box. I’m thinking I’ll to get them on Friday, Dec. 5, so act fast.

One more picture. I just love this picture of Lisa, looking at me with her eyebrow raised. Those of you who know her probably have lots of thoughts what her look might mean. I can’t think of any cute captions for the picture. Maybe you can? If so, leave a comment.


Thanks again for buying poinsettias, praying for Mark & family, and just being our friend.

With love, Leslie ~the Mother-in-Law

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