Why This Blog?

Reflecting on your life, I imagine that if you are like me you hold a few events in you memory that stand out beyond the others. In my early twenties I counted those as my wedding day, and the days when each of my two children were born.


It was difficult to imagine that there would be events as significant as those ever again. As I have aged, however, I find that the significant days are less about me and more about the people that I love.

My two daughters each married incredible, Godly men who are the perfect compliment to them. Lisa’s wedding to Mark and then Robin’s wedding to Brian were so special and added to the special days I hold dear.

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The Back Story

Mark on the left, with his cousin Matthew on the right.

Mark on the left, with cousin Matthew on the right.

Most of you know that Mark has been a diabetic since he was a small boy. Pictured above is a picture of him about the time his family received the diagnosis that he was diabetic. In the picture, Mark is on the left, playing with cousin Matthew who is on the right, when Mark’s family still lived in England. Those who don’t know Mark well, might not even be aware of his condition since he works a demanding job, has an active family and otherwise enjoys good health. One could easily be unaware that he is diabetic except for the pump he wears on his belt providing the insulin he needs to stay alive. Continue reading



Because we are blessed with so many friends who are interested and would like updates on his condition, we have created this blog to keep you informed about Mark Pendlebury’s upcoming Kidney & Pancreas transplant.  In the coming days, you can learn more about organ transplant than you wanted to know, and can stay informed of the latest on Mark and family.

In the picture above you will see Mark with his wife Lisa, their twelve year old daughter Kelley, and eight year old daughter Emlyn.

As one of the family computer geeks, I will be managing the blog and writing many of the posts you see here. Check back to see what is up with Mark.

~Mark’s Mother-in-Law

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