35 Days Until Christmas

As I type this, I realize that there are only 35 days until Christmas. I even taught myself to embed a widget in this blog so you could follow along!

While we have had some chilly days here in Georgia, yesterday I turned on the air conditioner in my home to alleviate the 84 degree heat outside.


Doesn’t seem like Christmas is coming, does it? Yet, like a train barreling down the tracks, Christmas is coming. Thirty-five sleeps. Or, is it thirty-four?

Usually, our family spends some time over the Thanksgiving weekend decorating for Christmas. It was a tradition my mother started, getting down all the decorations while Bing Crosby crooned on the hi-fi stereo. When I was a teacher, Thanksgiving weekend was a survivalist choice. If I didn’t decorate and shop that weekend, it didn’t get accomplished until Christmas break, after finals and other end of the semester obligations were complete. Continue reading

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